About YuanBao

YuanBao Co.,Ltd is located in ShiLing Town  Huadu district, Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province.

Our company was established in 2009. We specialize in production of synthetic leather.

We could always hold a vogue pulse and guide current vogue in handbags,shoes and clothing materials.

Company mission:

To maintain the leadership of the leather industry;

To devote ourselves to the development and research of garment leather, handbag leather, shoe leather, sofa leather;

To serve customers with high quality products and services.

GRS Recycled Materials

21 recycled waste plastic bottles can make 1 meter of recycled material
Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.32 litres
Saving 0.02 litre of oil and 1.94 litres of water

Environmentally Friendly Water

It combines water-based substrates with solvent-free and foaming agents. The surface layer of water-based substrates uses water as the dispersing medium, fully leveraging the advantages of the combination of the two. Water based PU is a secondary upgrade based on the dry process, which combines the water-based surface layer process and solvent-free foaming bonding layer process. On the one hand, it compensates for the limitations of using one process alone, and on the other hand, it can maximize the advantages between the two.

Compared with traditional solvent based leather, water-based leather has advantages such as environmental protection, safety, and durability.

Environmental Biological Base Materials

Biobased PU is made by utilizing crop waste or plant materials,

Compared to traditional synthetic materials, it is more environmentally friendly,

Reduced resource consumption and waste emissions,

Promote a sustainable cycle between agriculture and fashion

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